All about nothing Het is niets gedaan

What’s it all about

Comballey portraitIt’s good – in general – to have a place where one can lose the thoughts and impulses that won’t go away by itself. Thoughts are always connected to ‘something’ but hardly ever connected to each other. So, we just pretend they do by taking “art” and “creativity” as a binding theme.

These pages will eventually contain a multitude of subjects, that will be expressed as ‘tags’. In order to keep things under control only a limited number of categories are used. No need to confuse passers by without any other reason than to do so. The categories that you will find here are the following:

  • Poetic – Mainly small poems like haiku; senryu and haiga, following the – originally Chinese/Japanese – rules that they are always three lines consisting of respectively 5, 7, 5 syllables or sounds. The original restriction that they always have a relationship with a season is no longer widely in use, but some will confer to this constrain as well.
  • Random thoughts – Small essay type texts or stories about any possible subject. There is no guarantee that the facts or events mentioned here are true, or even viable. The liberty to let the devilish and hideous monster of fantasy and wishes ramble on is taken. This does not imply that these ‘thoughts’ are not serious, advised is to take them as serious as anything else…
  • Lists – Listings are fun. That’s all. The best, the worse, the dirtiest or the purest. It can all come across with no other intention than that it is possible to do so. Everybody is invited to add their own list for a given theme as a response. Can even be a good reason to disagree and start a fight. Sounds like even more fun.
  • Artwork – Likely some photography or other forms of artwork will show up on these pages. Will try to limit these to posting the images without too much text.

What’s it not about

Professionally I’m involved with: semantics, ontologies, project-management and more frightful stuff like the inevitable IT that is involved. These are no subjects for these pages, although I can not promise not to break this rule. At some moments I’m likely to ramble and fume on these subjects. No promise to restrain from flaming at times. Maybe I will post these as hidden content …

Please be so kind to notify me when these occur here anyhow.

Bilingual pages

Suspicion is that most pages will be written in English. This might be a bit awkward or strange to some who would expect texts in Dutch here. Well, I do think a lot in English, so I will write it as well. In the occasion when a text is in Dutch, an English summary will be provided on the same page. So English reading people: if you don’t understand a syllable, just scroll down to the bottom.

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