going there – no return collection of dropshots using iPhone

Wanted to try this for a while, but either I forgot to bring a camera or I forgot to use it. Finally on one day I didn’t forget any of these two essential ingredients.

The results are not too bad. Selecting the ‘succesfull’ shots takes some time, deleting doubtful results is not that easy after all.

Before undertaking an action like this you have to make some decisions that will influence the results. I knew that the trip would be rather boring and dull. Not a good idea to take that for granted. I would like to see some dynamic and surprising results after all. So blurring and motion were the visual effects to use in this case. Has another advantage: no infringements on privacy of innocent (or not so innocent) bystanders. It would be hard to recognize any persons that way.

These images are all edited one way or another afterwards. Some of them are sliced-up or merged together as a sequence. Showing them in a slider adds to the experience.

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